• NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd, is a fastest growing provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems, aims at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of hardware as well as software. It is a sister concern of Nitol Niloy Group and obtained licensed from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). GPS tracking technology is best suited for fleet management. It is an unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles to their precise details by sitting in the office. read more
  • Features --
    1. See exact location of vehicle on Google Maps using your PC/PDA
    2.Control of vehicle (like engine blocking) from your mobile phone by sending SMS etc.

    Benefits --
    1. Increased Productivity.
    2. Reduced Costs.
    3. Informed Business Decisions.
    4. Safety and Security
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  • How it works

  • NITS @ WTISD 09 Fair
    We have participated the WTISD 09 Fair at IEB, Chittagong on May 17-18 2009 as invitation…
  • License adopted from BTRC
    On 2009, Officially license adopted from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission…


  • KUSTIA-TA-11-1151 | Haji Md. Hasham

    Reg # KUSTIA-TA-11-1151, Owner  Haji Md. Hasham Ali. The vehicle is stolen on 27-Jul-2013 04.24 AM and we can recover it succesfully on 06.10am. Thank you Bangladesh Police and NITS Support for their support.

  • DHAKA METRO-TA-14-1603 | SAS

    DHAKA METRO-TA-14-1603 owner of Shafiul Alam Steel Mills Ltd. (SAS) has hijacked on 28.01.13 with goods. The user could locate and recover the vehicle by using the Ntrack System.

  • DHAKA METRO-TA-16-1349

    DHAKA METRO-TA-16-1349 is hijacked on 30.07.13 5.35am and recovered on same day at 7.30am. Special thanks to Asulia Thana Police for extending their helping hand.


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