Facilities & Benefits

Key Features:

1. See exact location of vehicle on Google Maps using your PC/PDA

2. Control of vehicle (like engine blocking) from your mobile phone by sending SMS

3. Works anywhere, there is cellular coverage

4. Geofence – Alert when vehicle leaves predefined area (live tracking time)

5. Works even when battery is disconnected with backup battery

6. Find nearest vehicle by clicking target place

7. Many useful reports like distance travelled, trips, overspeeding, fuel consumption reports

8. Nationwide own Service Centers




Increased Productivity:


1. Improved vehicle utilization with effective routing and scheduling

2. Maximize the use of your assets

3. Fleet visibility – identifying nearest vehicle for an unplanned task or job

4. Track all vehicle usage by drivers

5. Reduced vehicle and employee downtime

6. Optimization of mobile assets and workforce



Reduced Costs:


1. Eliminate manual paper work

2. Better managed payroll with accurate timesheets and overtime claims

3. Reduced communication costs

4. Detects excessive speed

5. Lower insurance premiums through superior vehicle protection and security

6. Identification of under-performing vehicles using historical fleet data



Informed Business Decisions


1. Complete visibility and control of mobile assets and workforce

2. Real time view of your of your drivers route

3. Real time monitoring ability

4. Exception reporting to enable trend analysis and decision making process



Safety and Security


1. Geographic Virtual Fence (Geo-fencing), Automatic alert when vehicle leaves Geo-Fence (live tracking time)

2. Able to block the vehicle’s engine by SMS at any time anywhere. 


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